Make Lighting Sculpture as a art pieces for your Homes

Publish at: 10 Mar 2022

Give Your Home Some Jewellery as a Gift! 

Chandeliers made of crystal are a glamorous addition to any area. They are the ideal method to bring splendour and drama to a place since they act like diamonds for your house.

Crystal Chandelier is a branching, beautiful lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling that carries a number of lamps or candles. At Shinning Frame, we prioritise a high-quality finish. For classic dining rooms, crystal chandeliers are the ideal lighting fixture.

Their ageless aesthetic is sophisticated, elegant, and stunning. Chandelier made of glass – With our high-quality Glass Chandelier, you may add more appeal to your space. As light flows through the glass, one can feel hundreds of colours twinkling.

We have a large selection of glass chandeliers, including chrome finish glass chandeliers, colourful glass chandeliers, long height glass chandeliers, double-height glass chandeliers, and golden finish glass chandeliers, among others.

When we encounter a crystal chandelier, we immediately recognise it. Although crystal chandelier lighting is one of the most gorgeous and classic lighting types, there are five facts about it that we bet you didn't know. The crystal chandelier has come a long way.

The crystal chandelier is significantly newer than the chandelier, which has been a feature of European society's top echelon for about eight centuries. What began as a status symbol and a display of excessive wealth in late-eighteenth-century France quickly extended across Europe, from the palace of Versailles to a plethora of stately residences.

Hand-cut quartz was used to construct drop pendants and crystal rosettes in the first crystal chandeliers. Because of their likeness to diamonds, these crystals are commonly used in jewellery. 

These lavish lighting accessories appealed to individuals of noble origin as well as the cream of society's crop due to the crystal's strong similarity to the diamond. It is no longer confined to royalty and the upper crust, thanks to mass manufacture and affordability.

As a consequence, anyone with good taste may now decorate their home with the amazing beauty of a million glittering stars. In each space of your home, a crystal chandelier may represent your client's taste and improve the mood. A modern crystal chandelier is more than just a lighting accent; it adds elegance, playfulness, cutting-edge design, and vintage appeal, and may even add to the charm of rustic chic or farmhouse décor.

Choose from a variety of bling options, or go for a subtle glitter.

A crystal chandelier, especially in dining areas, makes a huge design statement. Dining room chandeliers provide a place with a rich, formal appearance that no other item can match. They're the perfect last touch. Crystal is available in a range of crystal grades, each with its own set of reflecting qualities.

The costlier, hand-cut grades are often more reflecting, but all crystal chandeliers are high-quality fixtures that will give a magnificent shine to your house. The frame, which may be found in a number of finishes, serves as the backdrop for any crystal chandelier.

Classic finishes like gold and brass are more traditional, whilst silvers and even transparent frames are more contemporary.

This is a decent guideline for normal dining room use and is suggested for getting the most shine. Remember that if you go much higher, you'll lose out on the glitter. Any lower, and visitors' sightlines will be blocked as they glance across the table. A little crystal chandelier may be required for very small tables or areas.

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